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List of Downloads


Route Update May,2015

This update is still being tested, beta version. In case there are problems, these files will be reworked and re-uploaded. Download at your own risk.

The activities and stock folders are undergoing a complete revamp or "POH" as we railfans call it. New stock is being added and some of the obsolete files are being deleted. The overall aim is to provide a rich, error free interface for the users while playing MSTS itself or via OR. The stock given below was uploaded over a period. Newer zips needed older ones to be installed, failure to do so created errors. Hence doing everything anew. Also now with faster internets, bigger files are possible.
Meanwhile the basic route update files are kept as they were. So those who are interested in exploring and making activities can continue. The route is termed a 'beta' version, meaning under test, just for this. This version of the route is being released for the diehard fans of Mumbai2011 who demanded this. A fully working route with activities wll come soon.

Scale Roads
You need Scale Roads for this version. They are very good road shapes and I am planning to use them henceforth. Please download it from 3D Trains. You will need to be a member there. Type Kuju as the company.

Download these files first.


You must have Mumbai2011 folder working properly as given from files below, including the stock and activities.
Delete these folders from Mumbai2011 - ACTIVITIES, PATHS, SERVICES and TRAFFIC.
Run the installers from 2015_A, 2015_B and 2015_C zips.
Route should be explorable after this, there is an activity of Acela train, just make sure that it plays in MSTS without opening errors.

Panvel Karjat section has issues. In reality the line is single track but in my route, it is double track. I've tried to masquerade it into single track but some issues are still unresolvd. Please neglect them for now, I'll correct them in later versions.

Mumbai 2011 Route for MSTS

This is the entire route with CR mainline update, not requiring any other files. No bat files used, so easy for WIN7/8 and Vista users. One activity with default stock given.

24 Mar, 2015- The links are updated.

Before installing these, please move/delete Mumbai2011 folder from your Train Simulator if you already have it.

At this stage, the route is installed with one activity involving the default trains of MSTS. Open the route, try the steam activity and explore. Go further only if there are no errors.

Download and install the running stock

Running Stock for Mumbai2011 Route

VERY IMP. You have to download and install all these files to play the activities. THESE ARE NOT SAME AS THE OLD FILES OF SIMILAR NAMES uploaded on train-sim. Many locos,wagons etc are added here.
So better to download and install even if you already have it. Do not delete the old folders. So in short, remove the route folder "Mumbai2011" but nothing else.

1. locos created by Mr. Amarjeet Singh. Collected in a single folder here. This contains diesel locos.
2. locos created by Mr. Amarjeet Singh. Collected in a single folder here. This contains electric locos.
3. additions to the previously uploaded M_ALW series of locos. The old ones are required for this download to run. See the link for them.
4. in a new avatar. Old shapes replaced by new ones, wag names remain the same, so no extra consists. Old consists will work.
5. with added stock. Now S1-S12 sleeper coaches, animated doors, door opening and closing sounds at stations, etc, etc.
6. Also needed are EMU sets by Sachin Yadav, available at, all except Please note that the auto-installers on this site have to be directed to your MSTS installation, unlike the others from this site which search your registry for the MSTS folder.

Install above all before installing M_stock.exe.

7. M_Stock.exe Most of the running stock uploaded by me till now concised in one big exe file.

M_13_7.exe -default activities for the route.
Part 7 is for activites. Tested but still could be having problems. So consider them as Beta (under test) versions.
Please install the stock given above before installing "M_13_7.exe".
8. MLW Pack Trains created by Mr. Mohsin Patel which will be used in the activities. They have been uploaded elsewhere, download them only if you don't have them.
Almost all the activities given below use the stock from this site only (except EMUs as above).
These are the activities created by users for this route. I am yet to test them, when I do, they will eventually come as default activities

More Files

1. Updated IR Coach Sound by Satish Madivale, includes readme (which can be read in forum also).
2. Passenger Activity for Old Mumbai route. Has a readme inside. By Satish Madivale.
3., part of default MSTS content update. Use this for "X_Refrig.sms" type of error. You have to copy the unzipped files into Train Simulator/Sound folder.
An Excel sheet for designing activities for Mumbai region routes.