Add Sounds to a Route

-Trying in short to explain how to add sounds to MSTS routes.
-To hear sounds in MSTS, you need two files and their proper reference in the route.

The Sound File

Firstly about the sound which you want to put

  • It has to be a .wav,
  • Bit rate 352kbps,
  • Audio sample size 16 bit,
  • stereo,
  • Audio sample rate 11kHz

Don't get too upset by the technical terms, you just have to get a software which converts .mp3 to .wav. Then open this xxx.wav with the default sound recorder and save it as 11.025 kHz, 16bit.
Sound Recorder
This xxx.wav goes in sound folder of your route.

The SMS file

This describes when and how the sounds will be heard. For starters, copy the sta_dc_ful1.sms from USA1/sound folder to your route/sound folder. Rename this sta_dc_ful1.sms file to say Mysounds.sms. Open that sms with notepad and change the ref with your xxx.wav.
i.e. change sta_dc_ful1.wav to xxx.wav.

The ssource file

Open the USA1/ssource.dat with notepad. Copy the line containing this 'sta_dc_ful1.sms' and paste it as a new line in your routes ssource.dat file. Change it to something like this:
Sound ( Name ( "Station - Full 1 - Medium (550m) - Washington" ) FileName ( "sta_dc_ful1.sms" ) )
Sound ( Name ( "My Station" ) FileName ( "Mysounds.sms" ) )

Done, open RE and place it.

This applies to any sound you want to add, platform PAs, the vendors, the birds, dogs and whatever you want.