Installing MSTS

Ir-msts Introduction

There seems to be some confusion about installing MSTS. Trying to explain in short. This tutorial is meant for Windows7, XP usually has no problems. I am trying to help you set up MSTS so that at least a route with no bat files can be installed, e.g. Mumbai2011 Route.

Win7 has problems with batch files like install.bat. There are many ways to correct it. It is given in detail here- Installing MSTS On A Windows 7 PC, by Yuri Sos. My tutorial is based on this but simplified a little.

Please strictly follow the steps mentioned.

Obtaining MSTS

MSTS is not available freely nowadays. However torrents are available. The links for the torrents, etc cannot be given obviously but then Google, Facebook forums, etc can help you there. So this job you have to do yourself.

Uninstalling Old MSTS

If you already have MSTS which could be having problems, you have to uninstall it first.

  • Move all your non-default routes, trainsets and consists away from your MSTS\Routes folder BEFORE uninstalling. Leaving them in the \Routes subfolder and re-installing MSTS seems to corrupt non-default routes (you end up with tracks and objects, but no terrain at least or an unusable route at worst, plus there are missing .S files in some of your trainsets);
  • Uninstall MSTS via "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel;
  • Use Explorer to delete any residual MSTS folders (anything you have added to the installation needs to be manually deleted). These steps should clear the registry as well as the hard drive.


When setup.exe runs, MSTS is by default installed in
जब आप MSTS इनस्टॉल करना चाहो तो वो यहाँ इनस्टॉल होता है|

"C:\Program Files\Train Simulator" or x86, etc in 64 bit OS.

यहाँ इन्स्टाल नहीं करना है|

Use other partition, say D, so your installation link should look like
कोई और पार्टीशन चुने, जैसे-
"D:\Program Files\Train Simulator", basically you have to change just the drive letter.
सिर्फ drive letter का नाम बदलना है|
Explaining this thru images:-

First installation screen
पहला स्क्रीन

Select Customize installation Options
यह चुने

Change here
यहाँ बदलना है

Now your basic MSTS is installed, do not rush to play it yet.

Install Default Updates of MSTS

Very Important, this is the cause of most of the errors in MSTS. Three files to install, the links for them are

इसके बाद यह 3 फाइल इनस्टॉल करनी है|

Now you can enjoy MSTS with the default routes.

Add Ons

Most of the customised routes use Xtracks and Newroads. MSTS BIN is also a must. The links are

और फिर यह इनस्टॉल करना है|

Further Additions

This finishes the installation part. Now go for Indian content. See the posts in our forum for that.