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This site has been created to cater to ever increasing world of fans of Indian Railways. The site of IRFCA forums is an established site for IR fans and valuable information and photos of Indian Railways can be seen on the IRFCA site. This site has more information about train simulators.

Train simulators are computer games which allow you to gain the experience of driving trains first hand. The major simulator games for trains are "Microsoft Train Simulator", shortened as MSTS and "Railworks". Both have their merits and demerits and the choice is largely personal. However MSTS has a huge amount of content for Indian scenario while Railworks has very little. So all the content here is for MSTS, others could be added as available. This is available in the "Downloads" section of our site.

MSTS was released in 2001 and is not freely available. Please see our forums for further information for getting it. Railworks is available and has many versions.

Once you acquire MSTS and are successful in playing it, the next step is to download Indian content for use therein. The Help section has the tutorials to help you with it. It also has tutorials covering the advanced aspects like creating content, etc. One thing we would like to bring to your notice is that in Vista and Windows 7 there is a problem of 'read only' permissions of files. So in case you are having these operating systems, please go through the tutorial of "Installing MSTS for non XP OS before commencing with the installation."

Exploring this site and viewing content is unrestricted, however to comment in forums needs registration. Registration is free but mandatory.

Downloading /uploading the files is free now but will need registration in future.

You can contact us from the Comments section. Any suggestions are always welcome.


Site Opened

Posted by Admin on Sept11, 2012.

The previous server had bandwidth problems, so now the server has been changed to one with better abilities. An unfortunate fall out was while transferring the old database files, they got corrupted. Trying to correct that but have been unsuccessful till now. So members will have to re-enlist again if worst happens.

M_ALW Additions

Posted by Admin on August 13, 2012.

Although the domain name was registered and server acquired about a month ago, now we can say that the site is functional fully. Official opening date will be 15 th of August, 2012.

M_ALW Additions

Posted by Nitin Bhandare on August 13, 2012.

An addition to M_ALW series of locos. These were published by Amarjeet after the M_ALW series was uploaded.

Obviously the parent M_ALW install is a must for this to work

M_ALW Originals

Posted by Nitin Bhandare on August 13, 2012.

For ensuring completeness the erstwhile uploaded M_ALW Electric and Diesel locos are available here too.



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